Our "Mission"

This "motto" is written at the entrance of the aqueducts headquarter in Katmandu (Nepal)

"Where there is water", our experience and innovation at your disposal ".

Supreme Fittings

Quapus sa srl by Supreme fittings has been operating in the water circulation market segment for over 40 years with applications in the following sectors:

  • Irrigation
  • Water supply
  • Plumbing
  • Industrial
  • Water treatment

The connection is a weak point therefore the fitting must be stronger, more reliable, more flexible than the line itself. Our products are designed and manufactured with innovative operating systems to obtain:

- easy and fast installation
- ability to compensate pipe dimensional anomalies, ovalizations, pipes scratchs
- hydraulic seal in conditions of use under pressure and vacuum.

These criteria have always been the basis for the study, development and realization of the Supreme fittings lines.

The use and performance of the water pipes are so optimized and the assembly and maintenance costs are reduced.

The competitive price of the single product offered is another qualifying factor of the proposal to the market. We are therefore able to offer innovative, reliable and economic technical solutions. We always pay maximum attention to the specific customers needs. Our before and after sales service is organized for customer satisfaction and profitability. The large number of complementary products allows you to optimize warehouse management and reduce administrative costs.


Our product

Supreme Fittings products

Our main product lines consisting of:

  • S16 Compression fittings in PP (Poseidon System)
  • Easyfit Compression fittings in PP (Poseidon System)
  • Patented clamp saddles in PP (Octopus System)
  • PVC fittings and valves
  • Accessories for swimming pools
  • PE100 fittings for electro-welding and butt fusion fittings
  • Fittings and valves for micro-irrigation, PP threaded fittings
  • Nylon with fiberglass fittings and valves Swing sprinklers
  • Connection brackets for corrugated pipes.

The following complementary lines are available:

  • Electro-welding machines and butt fusion fittings
  • Push-fit mechanical fittings
  • Fittings in white / black heart cast iron, metal fittings
  • Drip-Tape hose and Layflat-Rioflex hose for agricultural irrigation
  • Drippers, PE pipes, canyon, valve box, grab


By using Supreme-fittings products

you will be able to

  • optimize the use and performance of water lines,
  • increase the speed and simplicity of installation,
  • reduce assembly costs,
  • reduce the plant management costs.

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