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All the products in our range have an high level of quality, resulting from the combination of several factors such as:

An example of this is the Supreme S16 compression fitting line. It has the innovative Poseidon operating system which makes possible to balance the sealing action on the pipe acting on the screwing level of the thrust ring. This gives maximum operating safety in all possible conditions of use and pipe quality.
The fitting offers also a quick and easy assembly feature , which does not require any pipe chamfering up to size 63 mm.

This range is certified by the main indipendent institutes such as IIP (Italy), DVGW (Germany), SVGW (Switzerland), WRAS (Great Britain), ACS (France), WM (Australia), KIWA (Holland), ETA (Denmark), SABS (South Africa), Bulgarkontrola (Bulgaria) SINTEF Byggfors (Norway)

The high level of customer service and the fast delivery are guaranteed. On the top of it we offer sufficient stock for the main products. Our internal organizational operates with internal procedures in line the quality requirements ISO 9001 and the choice of qualified suppliers in order to speed up orders preparation and relative dispatch.

The combination of the overmentioned details today gives maximum guarantee for product and service quality. All this for customer satisfaction.

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