irrigation winter tips

irrigation winter tips


Spring is arrived but wiinter mode is till on 
Nice pic from our customer from Estonia of Supreme S16 coupler
Keep in mind that If you don't winterise your system, it can cause permanent damage to irrigation systems.
Frost damages to your home and garden can be frustrating and expensive
Supreme Tips
Turn off water supply to the irrigation system from the main valve. Drain the water tank of water and disconnect feeds from downpipes or mains water
Store Water Timers indoors
Water timers don't do very well in freezing conditions, remove water timer from the garden tap, empty it of water and store it in a dry place, better indoors
Drain your Irrigation System
When water freezes, it expands, hose pipes and other components could even split so it is important to remove as much water as possible from your pipework to prevent damages, it allows water to escape

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