Supreme fitting    installation guide

Supreme fitting installation guide

 Supreme Compression fittings the most popular and versatile method of connecting metal or hard plastic tubing. high performances can let them work at extreme temperature and pressure capabilities, and their compatibility with aggressive fluids, compression fittings can be seen in systems varying from gas lines in refineries, to the plumbing under your sink.
Whether it’s the water heater in your home or a pipe transporting hazardous chemicals, all compression fitting applications have several traits in common: they require easy assembly, long life, and absolutely no leaks.
Compression fitting are all made up of the same three basic elements: a compression nut or screw, one or more ferrules, and a compression fitting body. The functioning principle of each component also remains more or less the same between designs: tubing is inserted into the end of the fitting, and the nut/screw is tightened, forcing the ferrule(s) into the fitting body
The success of Supreme compression fittings is due to their multiple applications, such as irrigation, landscape, mining, golf course, building construction, filtration

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