Supreme Tutorial : Assembly  Compression fittings

Supreme Tutorial : Assembly Compression fittings

Supreme Fittings office

Supreme Fittings office

 Supreme Compression fittings ( Spare parts) with Patented Balance sealing system  


I.               Gasket put in the fitting top end in order to secure proper pipe guide in order to reduce bending and vertical stress negative effects 


III.            Conic double lip gasket to secure water tight in presence of oval under dimensioned and scratched pipes. Longer gasket pipe surface contact will secure that together with the relative compression. Double lip to secure water tight in presence of (a ) pressure or ( b ) vacuum. The lips are getting stronger contact with pipe as case ( a ) and fitting body case (b) 


III. Trust ring with ribs in order to avoid the possibility for it to fall down and lost. It can be easily removed in case the fittings is dumped into the mud and the gasket needs to be clean 


V.             All the fitting have the batch number for easy traceability of the production data and are PN 16 rated for all the sizes


V. KIWA. Australian Standard and IIP standard certificate will confirm this statement. The products have been tested to the worst working condition and heaviest performances such as 3 time pressure test than the standard PN ( pressure test 48 bars); heavy pull out 

resistance; toxicological requirement such as Kiwa ( Ozon test ); Dvgw ( chlorine migration test); ageing test ( to simulate 50 years life time for underground applications) 


VII.          For the assembling simply loose the nut ( do not dissemble it) push the pipe at the first stop push more and the job is done 


VII. Raw material is combination of PP copolymer and homo polymer in order to secure best performance in hot – freezing climatic condition and in presence of mechanical stresses 


IX.           Wide range of threads combinations and PE – PE reducing sizes. 


IX. Raw material virgin mixture of Omo polymer and copo lymer to maximize resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses



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