Youtube hot tapping neck, tutorial, installation Tapping Saddle  PE & PVC Pipes Tool

Youtube hot tapping neck, tutorial, installation Tapping Saddle PE & PVC Pipes Tool



There is one only cutter for both PVC and PE pipes. - Scrap is retained inside the cutter. - simple Allen Key is used to operate and its length does not allow the cutter to go deeper than the pipe wall thickness to be cut. - There is no way neither to loose the cutter in the line due to too long screwing ( See Allen key length as this point above) nor to have the cutter disassembled from the hot neck due to the restriction you have on the top of the hot neck itself. • The gasket inside the cap screwed on the top will ensure the water thigh for 16 bars. • Connection thread from the hot neck to the saddle is as now an ISO 7 / DIN 2999 thread ( tapered ). It will be easy to modify this thread as NPT ( American standard ) to match other needs. • It’s as well easy to change the female lateral thread which is a parallel ISO 7 DIN 2999 to a female NPT. The same concept is valid for lateral pipe connections now as ISO metric be can be ½ also ½ ASTM ( IPS ) = to 21,7 OD. To do all that only minor modification in the master mould are needed. • Any type of saddle; with any raw material and any size can be used an mechanical connection to the main line. - Hot neck is now available as 1x3/4 and 1x 25 mm. If market will require there is the plan to have also available 1x1/2 and 20 mm and 11/4 x 32 and 1” • Hot neck can be assembled with the Supreme fittings line of clamp saddles with anti-rotation patented device ( patented from April 2012 ) + flat gasket + doble seat gasket in the bottom. All this will make the entire package of hot neck and patented Supreme fittings saddles known as Octopus a unique, up graded high performance flexible system to put in place secondary lines.

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