Pump Station installation

Pump Station installation

An example that Pipes are more or less affected by temperature changes, but Metal pipes are a little bit more affected by temperature changes and concrete pipes are affected the least by temperature changes.Plastic pipes are type of pipes that are most affected by temperature changes. The plastic pipes can extend up to 6 times in length with temperature rises without a pint of break, but If the temperature at the time of installation is exceeded at the time the pipe is used, the length of the plastic pipe increases. If the liquid passing through the plastic pipe is at a lower temperature than the temperature level at which the installation was made, then the length of the pipe is shortened, i.e. the pipe shrinks. U-PVC pipes are the type of pipe that is least affected by temperature change among all plastic pipe types. Because the U-PVC raw material has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient of 0.07 mm/Mk which is the lowest thermal expansion coefficient compared to other plastic pipe types. This feature provides greater convenience and advantage for u-PVC pipes during installation than for other pipes. UPVC pipes are less affected by temperature rise and fall than other plastic raw materials, in these cases deformation and damage do not happen in UPVC lines. For this reason, if there aren"t big temperature differences, there is no need to take special precautions to prevent deformation in U-PVC lines.
With big temperature differences, necessary measures should be taken in order to prevent shrinkage and elongation that may happen in UPVC lines to break down and damage to the installation

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