upvc fittings and valves available

upvc fittings and valves available

it's +20% more heavy! than competitors due to the increased thickness!
We use only the best RAW material available in the market, from italy ( Benvig) we provide international Certificates such as:
Kitemark UK SGS marked also on the carton Box
and from Saudi Arabia certificate SABS
Wafer check valves are also available in the range
drinking water certificate and UV certificate are provided aswell
PVC Pipes are available upon request
Supreme Pvc boxes are also high quality, they have
resistance up to 400 megapascal = 400KG
the PVC Ball valves have steam with double o-ring and
rubber ring from italy, the range is:
20mm -> 140mm safety factor 4.2,
160mm -> 250mm 42 bar test
to Demonstrate Supreme Quality a Test details:
1 hour test 2 times in one year 40° at 1000 h
we naturally ship worldwide

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